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The Demon Accords
In 2008 I started writing urban fantasy ( you know... vampires, werewolves, demons, oh my).  Now I'm an independent author with the multiple novels of an urban fantasy series published.  The series is  The Demon AccordsThe books are titled, in order, God Touched, Demon Driven,  Brutal Asset, Duel Nature, Fallen Stars, Executable, Forced Ascent, College Arcane, God Hammer, Rogues, Snake Eyes, Winterfall and soon, Summer Reign.  Black Frost, which is actually a re-write of my first attempt at a novel, fits into the series as maybe book 4.5.  It's the backstory of some additional characters and it sets up Winterfall and Summer Reign.

All thirteen books of the series are now available as audio books on :

I'll be honest -- I'm not that dutiful about updating this site.  Your best bet for current news about the books and the series is Facebook here:

My books are available in print from and Amazon.  As ebooks you can find them on Amazon Kindle books, Barnes & Noble Nook books, Sony books, Kobo books, Smashwords and too many others to keep track of.  

"John Conroe's first book does more than display his familiarity

with the currently popular sub-genre of vampire stories. It

also showcases a truly individual and engaging storytelling

voice. With intelligence and sly humor, Conroe has crafted a

tale that is more than mere genre fiction. It's a truly engaging

and rewarding read." - Joseph Bruchac,  author of WOLF MARK, as well as best selling co-author of the DOWN TO EARTH series.

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